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Announcing Kitopi's New Sustainability Mission

By Dan Hunt, VP Supply Chain & Sustainability, Kitopi

You all know Kitopi is the tech company that does food.

Our mission is to satisfy the world’s appetite by providing exceptional food on your terms.

But today, we want to talk to you about how sustainability is a core pillar within our organisation, and explain why it is at the heart of our decision making and our global growth.

At Kitopi, we want to reduce our environmental impact wherever we operate. We are laser-focused on aligning our sustainability plans right through to the consumer and we want you to feel the impact rather than just making claims that are hard to prove or justify. Below are a few initial ways how:

  • We want to radically reduce our energy consumption by opening kitchens that work smarter for us and use cutting-edge design & equipment to maximise our efficiency.

  • We also want to convert all of our packaging to 100% recyclable materials, eliminate all single use plastics and aggressively innovate how food is delivered to you in the best condition.

  • Transparent communications through quarterly reporting on our sustainability journey, which will be accessible on our website and blog.

All business decisions from today will work towards furthering our sustainability mission:

  • to sustainably deliver tomorrow’s meals.

Today is World Earth Day and’s mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. One of their key focus areas is to reduce our collective foodprint. So, what is a foodprint?

A foodprint measures the environmental impacts associated with the growing, producing, transporting, and storing of our food— from the natural resources consumed to the pollution produced to the greenhouse gases emitted.
While we should all be working to reduce our foodprints, there are many factors, including access, affordability, health and culture that help shape our decisions about what we eat. There is not one prescribed diet for everyone. Through this campaign, they want to highlight the different ways individuals and institutions can make an impact on their foodprints.

And so, last but certainly not least, Kitopi’s foodprint commitment is to reduce food waste to 0% across all of our kitchens. We currently have the technology to detect waste and eliminate it and we are working towards composting our organic waste and recycling it via bio-farms and re-use our waste oil as biofuel.

By the next World Earth Day, in 2022, we will have succeeded in delivering these sustainability goals and we look forward to updating you as we carry out our sustainability mission.

Take your foodprint test here.


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