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Learning and Development at Kitopi

We are proud to celebrate 36 Kitopians who have recently graduated from Kitopi Academy's Frontline Leadership Development Program (FLDP).

Kitopi Academy's Frontline Leadership Development Program
Kitopi Academy's Frontline Leadership Development Program

This marks the completion of the 5th cohort of the program by Kitopi Academy, Kitopi’s one-stop destination for professional development and personal growth. Beyond a Learning & Development function, Kitopi Academy is one of Kitopi’s core pillars driving our commitment to be a Best Place to Work. With the promise to create indelible learning experiences and make learning a culture for Kitopians across the company, Kitopi Academy aims to elevate every learner’s learning experience by disrupting expectations and transcending the traditional training experience.

One of the Academy’s signature leadership development programs, the FLDP is a structured 3-month program designed for our frontline leaders - with the objective of not only equipping them with the knowledge and skills to excel at their job, but empowering them with the opportunity to grow beyond what they are today. Designed to be dynamic and immersive, the program provides participants with a holistic learning experience on topics ranging from leadership to communication to stress management, and engages learners through pre-workshop activities, classroom sessions and post-workshop assignments that also includes presentation and feedback sessions with the company’s senior leadership.

103 frontline leaders have graduated from the program since its launch in Jan 2021, and many have gone on to receive promotions to assume significantly larger roles across the organization - and we continue to see our learners and graduates grow in their roles every day.

Yet, this is only the beginning. As we promise to provide the best learning experience and development opportunities for every Kitopian, we continue to raise the bar on the learning experience at Kitopi, and redefine what it means to be the best place to work.


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