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Day in the life: Backend Developer - Damian Liwak

It has been two years since I joined Kitopi as a Backend Developer. Looking back now, I must admit that it was the best decision I could have made. The company attracted me with its startup culture, fast paced environment and the appetite for creating great new technology. During the last two years the ecommerce industry changed dynamically and so did we.

Damian Liwak - Backend Developer, Kitopi
Damian Liwak - Backend Developer, Kitopi

On a daily basis, I deliver the solutions according to business requirements as my team is responsible for the integrations with Kitopi’s partners. We create a kind of ‘bridge’ between partners and our in house built - SKOS (Smart Kitchen Operating System). The main business areas which we cover are menu synchronisation, handling of missing items and controlling the flow of incoming orders. There is no international standard for the food industry so every partner uses different nomenclature and different models of the menu.

Our job is to adapt those differences into the Kitopi model; the integration does not end here but is rather a continuous process and we are constantly adding some improvements.

My job is to check if the integration is feasible, and if so, am I delivering the solution in a timely manner.

We also take ownership of the code we write - not always everything goes as expected so communication is really important. I have the possibility to communicate with Kitopi’s business side and our partners so I can better understand the requirements. This helps me plan things in advance by taking the information directly from the source. Also I am able to see the same goal from two perspectives.

I’ve learnt that communication and planning are the keys to success. The code I write is a side effect of good planning. I had the opportunity to meet many fascinating Kitopians, and with that, it is really important to me that we act as a team, because only with that can we achieve more.

At the beginning of my journey I was a little bit scared about taking ownership of the code I write, but now I see it clearly. I am proud of being a part of the company and I believe we have something unique on the market.


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