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Day in the Life of a Head of Growth - Mo Silsilah

What does a Head of Growth in Kitopi do every day?

Meet Mo Silsilah, our Head of Growth in Kitopi KSA, and learn about his role in driving Kitopi’s mission to satisfy the world’s appetite!

Kitopian - Mo Silsilah, Head of Growth Kitopi
Kitopian - Mo Silsilah, Head of Growth Kitopi

Mo Silsilah joined Kitopi in November 2020, bringing with him a wealth of cross-industry experience in marketing, in addition to an entrepreneurial stint as a co-founder of a traditional Lebanese Manaaqeesh restaurant in Jeddah, KSA.

In his role, Mo Silsilah heads the Growth Function for the KSA market, with the objective of bringing the best brands and experience to consumers across the country. To do this, what does a day to day entail for Mo Silsilah?

To sum up - lots and lots of data and analysis!‘This is what enables us to truly understand the market, the trends, the consumers- so we can bring the best to our customers. Analytics help us ensure all decisions we make are informed decisions. While there is no routine that defines my day, my work revolves around:

  • Launching and Expanding Brands: researching and identifying the best brands to onboard to our platform, while working to expand our brand presence to reach consumers in every corner of the country

  • Optimizing Customer Experience: from menu engineering to monitoring listings on platforms to managing relationship with aggregators, we ensure customers can enjoy an efficient and seamless ordering experience every day

  • Increasing Brand Equity: researching the market, identifying trends and reviewing improvement opportunities to make sure we are always positioning our brands in the best way to bring the best value to our customers

With the rate and ways at which Kitopi is expanding, no two days are ever the same. However, what has always been the same for me and my team is that every day at Kitopi involves learning, pushing boundaries, and finding a better way. If there is anything that defines us, it’s that we never settle.’

On why he has chosen to be part of Kitopi, Mo Silsilah shares that ‘I am deeply intrigued by what Kitopi is doing in the industry. The value Kitopi adds to the ecosystem is tremendous, and I can see how my work is making an impact every day. Kitopi is a game changer, and I won’t miss the opportunity to be part of its journey!’


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