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FlexxPay X Kitopi

We’ve partnered with FlexxPay to further support our Kitopians with their customized financial needs.

FlexxPay is a tech company that provides employee benefit solutions for companies in the MENA region. It increases employee productivity and removes financial stress from employees, while increasing financial literacy that gives them an automated saving tool.

Through FlexxPay’s cloud-based technology solution, our Kitopians can instantly access a portion of their already earned salary.

It’s really easy to use, with a simple enrollment process with the platform, and individually by Kitopian. FlexxPay is an app, so colleagues can enjoy all services the second it’s downloaded. The best part? The amount accessed is not a loan, but rather access to what you have already earned.

FlexxPay also shares a monthly newsletter with their subscribers, which includes tips on financial wellness, as well as reminds the customer how to manage their money properly.

We asked our Kitopians what they thought about FlexxPay:

“When I received an email saying we were partnering with FlexxPay, I was so excited and grateful especially during these uncertain times and recent pandemic.”

“Easy transfer of my earned money to my debit card”

“The best feature is the security and OTP. Not to mention, the app is really user friendly and easy to access!”

“It's awesome that I can get my salary when I want...”


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