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Kitopi Academy

At Kitopi, we are committed to the continuous growth and development of our people.

Kitopi Academy was set up to help us achieve this vision- empowering Kitopians to be the best versions of themselves.

Launched in 2020 as Kitopi’s organization-wide learning and development initiative, Kitopi Academy serves as a one-stop destination for professional development and personal growth, offering structured development programmes, training, and workshops across a wide range of topics to ensure Kitopians are well-equipped in our collective pursuit to satisfy the world’s appetite.

Today, we are featuring two extraordinary Kitopians- Mary Anne Alaba and Regina Meah Mawi who, since graduating from Kitopi Academy’s structured development programme, have made significant progress in their careers through multiple promotions.

Mary Anne and Regina have moved up the career ladder in rapid speed, moving from Team Member to Team Trainer to Assistant Unit Manager within a 12-month period.

As Assistant Unit Manager, they are now responsible for the development of over 50 Team Members while overseeing the operations of kitchens that produce over 1000 orders a day across 30-50 restaurant brands.

Here’s what they have to say about their experience:

Mary Anne

Exactly 12 months ago when I was a Team Member, I was nominated by my manager to take part in the Team Trainer’s Development Programme for a chance to move up the career ladder and become a Team Trainer*.

As part of the programme, I went through 3 weekly training sessions, where I was exposed to many concepts that had been transformative for me: positive communications, the 4-step training method, and how to be a role model and live Kitopi’s values. After the training, I went through an assessment test and a 3-week observation period in our kitchens, and was finally certified as a Kitopi Team Trainer.

This programme has, very simply, changed my life. It has given me knowledge and skills, and showed me how to use my experience to bring value to my Team Members and our kitchens. The programme has also equipped me with the ability to look at different situations with different perspectives, to know how to act accordingly in different situations to bring out the best results- be it with trainees or with daily kitchen operations.

For example, I have learned to be effective under pressure, effectively use different feedback types in different situations, and be more empathetic in my daily interactions with Team Members and other colleagues in the kitchen.

Most importantly, this programme has boosted my confidence in myself and helped me see the potential I have. It has shaped me in my development and paved the way for me to become an Assistant Unit Manager today. Today, as Assistant Unit Manager, my learning hasn’t stopped and I continue to enjoy the training that Kitopi Academy is providing. Not only am I learning from the managerial training for kitchen leaders now, I have been given the privilege to support the Team Trainer’s Development Programme that’s being run for future Team Trainers- which has been great for my personal development and learning.

I cannot be more excited at what lies ahead for me in Kitopi.


I have had an exciting journey with Kitopi in the past three years, where I started as a Team Member* and moved on to become a Team Trainer before being promoted to an Assistant Unit Manager.

My move up the career ladder started when I was nominated for the first ever Team Trainer’s Development Programme run by Kitopi Academy. This was a great start in professional and self-development. The learning I gained from this programme has transformed me from someone with limited knowledge to someone with confidence, drive and motivation to learn and achieve more every day. The programme has given me a wealth of knowledge and ‘tools’ to use in the kitchen to not only be an effective trainer, but to bring out the best in myself and in others.

The training also gave me clarity on why my work matters and how I can contribute towards Kitopi's mission and vision through my daily work. For example, it became clear how focusing on efficiency, quality, accuracy and speed is so important in ensuring customers have the best experience with every order. This transformed how I viewed my daily work and enabled me to train and support Team Members in a more inspiring manner. Similarly, the programme helped me to view teamwork in a whole new light and bring out the best in everyone in our kitchens. In my new role as an Assistant Unit Manager, these perspectives continue to be the most valuable ones that help me bring out the best in my team.

While I feel fortunate to have been promoted to the Assistant Unit Manager role within such a short period of time, I know my progression will not stop here and I am looking forward to becoming a Unit Manager one day. With the continuous learning and development opportunities that I get from Kitopi Academy, I am 100% confident that I will reach there one day.


*Team Member: Entry level role in Kitopi’s satellite kitchens

*Team Trainer: First step up in the career ladder within Kitopi’s Satellite Kitchens. Team Trainers support the training for all new and existing Team Members.


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