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Kitopi Champions Flexible Working with ‘Work from Anywhere’ Policy

When the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 sent cities across the world into lockdown, companies and employees were faced with a set of unprecedented challenges that resulted in many new ways of working. Among the most significant changes were the shift to remote working.

Today, as the world returns to normalcy and much of the global workforce returns to pre-pandemic work arrangements, Kitopi has chosen to embrace the hybrid work model with its ‘Work from Anywhere’ policy. Under this policy, Kitopi employees whose work does not require their physical presence in specific locations can work from anywhere in their country of employment. This policy additionally entitles employees to work anywhere in the world for up to 4 weeks in a calendar year.

Like most companies that had to make a complete shift to remote working for the first time, the start of working from home presented its challenges, with employees having to navigate new ways of engaging and collaborating virtually, not to mention getting accustomed to virtual working technologies. Yet, overtime, the value of remote working became apparent as the company saw a whole new level of productivity that came with the additional control employees had over their time and working conditions. Along with higher productivity, employee satisfaction also increased, with many employees citing flexible work arrangements as a key factor to improved well-being.

'I couldn't be more glad that Kitopi has launched the Work from Anywhere policy and made flexible working a permanent practice post-pandemic. With the choice to work from home or from the office, I have complete control over how, and where I can be at my best on any given day’ said Joy Dudde, Associate - Performance & Special Projects at Kitopi. ‘As a resident of Abu Dhabi, I am extra grateful that I can work for a Dubai-based company without moving to Dubai, and that I am still able to give my best to my role and my team every day while remaining close to my family and childhood friends- all thanks to how Kitopi has made flexible working not just a policy, but a culture’.


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