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Out with the old, in with the new!

You asked and we listened!

We've spent the last few months studying consumer data to understand what our followers want to see across all our platforms. And so, without further ado, we've revamped our website. We've introduced new pages, visuals and soon, the website will be available in Arabic.

We asked our UI/UX Designer, Marco Sarroca, to tell us a little bit more about the project.

What data do you analyze when revamping the website?

We typically look at the user demographics of who visits the site, where they are coming from and on what devices they use when they visit Kitopi. Based on those findings, we try to optimize the website the best we could to cater to all of them. For our website specifically, we found that the most dominant groups of people were those interested in joining the Kitopi platform and those who were interested in becoming a Kitopian. You will see these areas on our website spruced up the most.

What can we find on the new website?

We have added useful information like our Covid-19 initiative page, highlighting the steps we have taken to tackle the pandemic in order to take care of our Kitopians, customers and communities. We’re also highlighting our Kitopi Academy - a virtual school, where Kitopians go to learn and develop, from the moment they start at Kitopi. And for those who are interested in becoming a Kitopian, you can now easily search for job opportunities that might fit you and in locations near you.

How often do you revamp a website?

As Kitopi is a hyper growth startup company, the business is rapidly growing and its culture and people are ever evolving. The information we put on our website may easily get outdated after a couple of months so we try and update the website as often as we can.


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