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An Announcement about Shop Kitopi

Shop Kitopi is set for a re-launch!

Shop Kitopi 2.0 - Coming Soon

When we launched Shop Kitopi in the midst of the pandemic in May 2020, we set out to build a one-stop grocery destination that leverages our supply chain to bring niche, high quality products to customers in one place, while serving our communities with essentials when they needed it the most.

Today, Kitopi has grown not just in scale and reach, but in our capacity and infrastructure. In other words, we have the capabilities and resources to make Shop Kitopi so much more than what it is today. And we are setting out to do just that.

As such, Shop Kitopi will be going on a hiatus as we give it a revamp to leverage our full strengths as a company today- to bring our customers a truly unique, Kitopified experience.

Stay tuned for Shop Kitopi 2.0!


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