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An Update on our Global Internship Program

In an effort to nurture a work environment that guides youth development and supports new innovative approaches, we launched our first ever Global Internship Programme in April of this year.

Through the carefully curated programme, interns are upskilled to adapt to a cross-functional and hybrid work culture. Most importantly, they are inspired to understand the inner functioning of the food tech industry by assisting managers in across-the-board projects over an extensive three month period.

By aligning with tasks they are better at, the trainees have been able to influence project outcomes by pitching solutions and actively working towards the company’s ambitions. Having established strong relationships with the broader team, they have access to peer mentoring and resource support that enable them to apply academic knowledge in a real life business environment.

At an induction session, Kitopi's leadership expressed that the interns would also have access to training initiatives and masterclasses. These lessons are conceptualized in three monthly phases across different discipline-specific skills and are conducted by instructors who include interactive assignments and practical case studies. They provide the interns with an overview of core professional skills. For the just concluded one month period, the learners have concluded an advanced presentation skills course.

Kitopi’s Global Internship programme is also intended to provide mentorship opportunities for its senior management, who will in turn nurture suitable apprentices into the company’s talent pipeline. As workplace diversity brings many advantages to an organization, this, and future programmes are in place to champion inclusion and help further Kitopi’s mission of being the best place to work.

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