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Championing Wellbeing through Managers

As part of Kitopi’s ongoing initiative to improve employee health and wellbeing, we recently conducted a wellbeing boot camp for managers. The boot camp, aimed at equipping people managers with awareness and knowledge to take charge of their own wellbeing while helping to improve that of their team members’, marks an important step in our commitment towards promoting wellbeing across the organization.

Through this session, people managers were introduced to key concepts around physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing - all designed to provide a holistic understanding of wellbeing and serve as a foundation for managers to take wellbeing to a whole new level. The interactive session brought together people managers from all Kitopi’s markets to explore topics such as common causes of stress, dangers of stress and burnout, typical signs and manifestations of burnout, and practical ways to not only address such symptoms, but proactively promote wellbeing.

On top of promoting awareness and initiating the conversation around this very important topic, the session also left managers with best practices to start implementing among their teams. Beyond promoting wellness, managers left the session with the consensus that the session was also key to their personal development as leaders, and that enhanced wellbeing simultaneously serves as the key to better performance.

While an important step towards enhanced wellbeing across the organization, the boot camp forms just part of Kitopi’s wider wellbeing initiative that includes free nutrition consultation, monthly wellbeing activities, and more. And as wellbeing continues to take center stage at Kitopi, this is just the start of many more initiatives to come.


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