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Enhanced health and safety measures

Kitopi is built around our people and the well-being of our colleagues, restaurants, delivery partners and customers as our utmost priority. We're staying alert towards the latest COVID-19 updates and keeping up with the precautionary guidelines set by local health authorities and governments in all the markets we operate in.

We would also like to share with you the existing and enhanced health and safety measures we undertake in all our kitchens and our workspaces.

In addition to this, here are a few other safety measures we have undertaken to ensure all of our colleagues are safe across our offices and kitchens :

  • We have launched temperature checks in all our kitchens and offices across, wherein we check the temperature of our colleagues everyday to ensure they’re feeling great.

  • We have introduced our ‘Work From Home’ policy in all of our five markets, encouraging colleagues to look after themselves and their family members first.

  • We have installed hand sanitizer dispensers at various checkpoints throughout our offices and kitchens and have instructed all our colleagues to follow best practices - i.e., sanitizing hands after coughing and/or sneezing, touching eyes/nose/mouth, visiting the toilets, when hands are visibly dirty and before consuming food.

  • In our kitchens, face masks have been provided to all our food handlers. As an additional measure, our alarm systems go off every 20 minutes which serves as a reminder to all our food handlers to wash their hands and sanitize their stations after each task is completed.

  • We have informed all of our colleagues and managers to keep each other updated should the event occur if someone is unwell or isn’t feeling too great.

  • We have restricted business travel across the organization to ensure that we are safeguarding our workspaces and our fellow Kitopians.

  • Personal travel is subject to each individual over the next few months, however, as an additional step, our HR Business Partners have also been informed to instruct the necessary precautionary measures to be taken should an employee wish to travel.

We understand now more than ever how important it is to not only take care of ourselves but of people around us as well. It is vital that each one of us is mindful of our surroundings and that we take all the necessary precautions required.

We remain as focused as ever on our mission to power the food economy and we look forward to continue to serve our communities together.


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