Happy UAE National Day, everyone!

The UAE is special to us. It is where four of our founders met at some point in their life growing up - school, mutual friends, through projects, and events... and then came together again years later to bring a mere idea to life.

And so, Kitopi was born...but our founders were far from alone.

Today, three years later, Kitopi is 1000+ Kitopians from over 50 different nationalities all working towards the same mission of satisfying the world’s appetite.

So we asked a few Kitopians who have grown up in the country to tell us what the UAE means to them, and unsurprisingly, they all had a similar thing to say.

Check it out below:

The UAE has been home for 26+ years - my family came out here in the last 60s! It’s a country that has given us so much - opportunity, friends, and tons of memories. For me personally, the UAE shows you that hard work and innovation are rewarded with success - no matter what nationality and gender you are. And the world-class lifestyle and melting pot culture make it an amazing place to live.

Ekta Bhojwani, VP Consumer & Partnerships, Kitopi

I love UAE’s boldness, in pushing the boundaries of possibilities. It is the closest to what I can imagine a city in the form of a startup, agile, quick, and forward-thinking

Saman Darkan, CTO & Co-founder, Kitopi

The UAE is home for me; it’s where I spent most of my life; where I started my business and fell in love with Kitopi’s vision of food tech, started my family, and had my 3 kids. I feel so blessed to c

all Dubai home and so grateful for all the opportunities it has given me.

Nathalie Haddad, VP Subscriptions, Kitopi & Founder of Right Bite

It’s where I grew up with my family, started my own little family, and founded Kitopi - my work family.

I feel inspired here - thanks to the constant innovation…it’s precisely what inspired me to be an entrepreneur.

I feel happy here - the UAE is inclusive and diverse. At Kitopi alone, we have 50+ nationalities in just 3 years, and it is all thanks to the country's exceptional leadership.

I feel like I belong - always challenging the status quo, the UAE is always striving to be number 1. This aligns with my own values to always be first and the best, something I try to empower my children and colleagues with but also learn from them in return.

So, the UAE is a lot of things to me, but most importantly it’s home.

Mo Ballout, CEO & Co-founder, Kitopi


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