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Kitopi Partners with Home in a Bite

Building a culture is not only limited to the environment we create within our Kitopians, but also with our brand partners, and the world around us. That’s why Christine’s initiative with Home in a Bite felt like the perfect fit for us. With the currency crisis, revolution, and explosion, it’s been a difficult two years for Lebanon. This definitely took a toll on the F&B Industry there, which has led to 785 restaurants and cafes to close down, leaving 25,000 locals unemployed.

Christine’s idea was to bring well known lebanese brands to Dubai, this allows Lebanese expats to support and buy local, while working and living abroad and gives these brands an opportunity to share their love with food, with all of us.

Kitopi has partnered with Home in a Bite to bring Lebanese brands to Dubai. These brands include Casper & Gambini’s, Cuisine d’Amour,, Semsom, Diet Center, Tarator, Tawlet, and Ummi.

During Ramadan, Assouad also started an initiative within her initiative calling it “Buy 1, Give 1”. For each meal purchased in Dubai, another meal is being donated in Lebanon. So make sure you spread the word, and more importantly the love by ordering through


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