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Kitopi launches US brand Nathan’s Famous in the UAE

If you love hotdogs (and we mean really good hotdogs), chances are you already know and love Nathan’s Famous.

Landing straight from the US, Nathan’s Famous is a loved brand having been a successful restaurant company for over 100 years known around the world for their innovation and leading product quality.

Like Kitopi, Nathan’s is committed to maintaining the production of high-quality food, including their new Halal All-Beef Hot Dog.

As their trusted partners, Kitopi will be responsible for bringing Nathan’s “comfort food” dishes to life in Dubai and ensuring they are enjoyed as far and wide as possible. Our exceptionally trained staff are so excited to offer the same level of quality and taste that you can expect from Nathan’s hotdogs, burgers, fries and so much more!

Something else we’ve heard you can look forward to is their famous hot dog eating competitions, a regional contest will be held in Dubai in the coming months, so stay on the lookout and join the fun!

Nathan’s Famous is available on Zomato and Talabat. Get ordering now!


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