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Interview Series: Growing Innovation

We understand that growth is an essential part of any business and in order to achieve it you need to create a culture where employees are not only integrated; but also engaged. This helps create a sense of unity among the organization especially when market factors play a role in a company's growth (like big, bad COVID for example!)

We do our best to ensure that our Kitopians, regardless of what department they work in, are always in tune with upcoming changes and trends within the organization. This helps us manage expectations better and work as one to create the best outcome for Kitopi.

As the first movers in the region, this was difficult at first, but with the innovative perspective of our Kitopians and Chief Growth Officer, Bader Ataya, we have been able to expand into multiple markets and open up hundreds of kitchens around the region as well as working with over 100+ brands, and counting! To learn more about Kitopi’s growth, we spoke to our CGO, Bader Ataya.

What does a CGO look for when growing Kitopi?

Bader: Brands that our customers will love and kitchens that can service these customers in under 30 minutes. Hungry, creative and entrepreneurial team members that are passionate about disrupting the food space. New markets and verticals that help us achieve our vision of powering the food economy.

What makes Kitopi’s growth function/team innovative?

Bader: We have a growth mindset across the organisation and work very collaboratively to bring things to life. Inspiration is sourced daily from every function of the business and taken from idea to implementation overnight.

What are your growth predictions for Kitopi?

Bader: I would call these ambitions rather than predictions. Many more markets, 100s of new partners, 1,000s of kitchens. The food a customer wants from anywhere within 30 minutes (even if it's their mom’s recipe).

Where do you think the Cloud Kitchen Industry is heading?

Bader: Bigger focus on sustainability and a positive impact on the environment and how we fit into a healthier future ecosystem. The space is still new and growing but is already having an impact on how we eat in cities.


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