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Key Factors Impacting Customer Experience Ratings at Kitopi (and What We Do About Them)

Badih Hachem, VP of Customer Experience - Kitopi

At Kitopi, our goal is to deliver exceptional customer experiences, and it's at the heart of everything we do. We're passionate about understanding our customers and turning their feedback into action. This article is an insider’s look at the top 3 key factors that shape our customer experience (CX) ratings and how our dedication and commitment to innovation drives our success.  

1. Taking Action: The Heartbeat of Our Success 

Our journey towards outstanding customer experience begins with understanding the root causes of customer complaints and improving through technology, culinary excellence, and process reengineering. 

Our Approach:  

Data-Driven Decisions 

  • We meticulously analyze customer ratings and reviews using our internal dashboards to drive informed decisions. 

Closed-Loop Process 

  • Every low-scored order triggers a detailed investigation by our retention team to ensure no issue goes unresolved. 

Granular Insights 

  • Our dashboards allow us to drill down into performance metrics at the brand and kitchen levels, enabling targeted interventions. 

By linking every customer rating and review to our internal dashboards, we empower our Operations Leaders to take ownership of their cluster's performance. This helps us identify common friction points and implement effective solutions, driving up our CX ratings. 


2. Missing & Wrong Items: Attention to Detail 

Imagine eagerly waiting for your favorite meal, only to find it incomplete or incorrect upon arrival. This is a major frustration for customers and a big reason for negative reviews. We’ve tackled this head-on with a mix of in-house technology and empowerment of our Kitopians.  

Our Approach 

Precision Technology 

  • Our item scanning process ensures accuracy from our kitchens to your doorstep. By leveraging state-of-the-art QR codes scanners, we provide a seamless and reliable experience. 

Kitopian Empowerment 

  • We’ve introduced the Chef Excellence Dashboard, giving our chefs and dispatchers visibility into customer feedback, reviews, and order ratings. This fosters a culture of responsibility and continuous want for improvement. 

Proactive Issue Addressing 

  • The Chef Excellence Dashboard not only highlights successes but also identifies challenges, allowing our team to address issues proactively. 

These initiatives have significantly reduced the error rate for missing items. By blending technology with human accountability, we ensure our customers receive exactly what they ordered. 

3. Late Delivery/Preparation: The Essence of Timeliness 

 In the food delivery world, timing is everything. A delayed meal can hinder an otherwise great experience. We've reengineered our processes to prioritize timely delivery without compromising quality. 

Our Approach

Optimized Delivery Areas 

  • We strategically manage delivery zones to ensure that every order arrives swiftly and efficiently. 

Proactive Measures 

  • Our advanced dashboards provide real-time updates on driver availability and kitchen capacity. Kitopi’s Command Center oversees our operations across multiple countries, keeping the highest operational standards. 

Cooking/Prep Time Reduction 

  • Our IPLH (Improving Product and Kitchen Lead Time) projects foster teamwork between the product and operations teams to streamline kitchen workflows, cutting prep time and empowering our teams. 


At Kitopi, delivering exceptional customer experiences isn't just a goal—it’s our passion.  

We obsess over the details that make a difference, from eliminating errors to ensuring every delivery arrives on time. As we move forward, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of excellence, continuously satisfying the world’s appetite, and creating moments of joy with every meal. 




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