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And that’s a wrap!

Two-days, 60 Kitopians, 3 markets, and we have officially launched Kitopi’s first annual conference - KITCON 2020.

Attended by the organization’s leadership and decision-makers, KITCON 2020 is a two-day offsite, to be held annually with a focus on the next year’s business priorities as well as empowering colleagues to get out of their comfort zones and build a stronger relationship with each other.

This year’s theme was: Building a customer-obsessed culture, and the agenda focused on a variety of topics, including our CEO’s vision for how each and every Kitopian can excel in really knowing the customer, aligning functional OKRs, and some fun-filled growth and tech competitions to really get those brain juices flowing.

Mo Ballout discussing his vision for Kitopians at KITCON 2020
Mo Ballout discussing his vision for Kitopians at KITCON 2020

We were also lucky to have motivational speaker Cathy O’Dowd share her experiences on overcoming challenges, teamwork, and really focusing on the finish line, no matter what curveballs we may encounter on the way. Also welcoming @gobrands to share their own valuable insights on how to wow the customer.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from KITCON 2020 was the announcement of our new mission and vision, in line with our ambition to not just stay the world’s leading managed cloud kitchen platform, but be the world’s most customer-centric organization.

Join us on our new mission to satisfy the world’s appetite.


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