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Kitopi on the The Org

(The Org)- “Kitopi’s secret sauce is not in its food, but its people,” quips Mohamad “Mo” Ballout, the cofounder and CEO of the Dubai-based cloud kitchen company. Kitopi, which stands for “Kitchen Utopia”, is a smart kitchen network that helps cook and deliver food to customers on behalf of restaurants through its own kitchens. It helps restaurants scale quickly in the digital age, rather than in the traditional brick-and-mortar way. Since its launch in 2018, Kitopi’s 1,200-person team operates across over 30 kitchens and works with 120 restaurant partners across UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, with plans to re-enter the UK and U.S. markets in 2021.

Today, while many foodservice businesses are struggling because of the pandemic, Kitopi is powering through - in the last two months, the company has continued to hire for critical roles, opened five new kitchens across UAE and Saudi Arabia, and launched a groceries delivery platform

The Org spoke with Kitopi to learn more about the company’s initiatives during the pandemic that have allowed it to continue being on track.


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