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Practice to Perfect: Kitopi launches LinkedIn Learning

by The Kitopi People Team

“Who’s got time for learning?” “We’re working crazy hours - the last thing Kitopian’s will want do is set aside time to learn!” “We learn by doing, so let’s do more!”

These were some of the thoughts going through our minds while thinking of learning, developing and growing our fellow Kitopians. As with everything, striking the right balance is absolutely fundamental.

We've spent a significant amount of time the last few months working out the best way possible to build a learning culture, continue promoting knowledge sharing within the organization and nurture personal growth. We are excited to announce our partnership with LinkedIn Learning and celebrate the completion of 5000+ videos by learners. Over 240+ courses have been completed with an average of 7.31 hours of learning by an active user*

We designed a special program for those who hungry to learn every day. With Kitopi - LinkedIn Learning program, learners are choosing courses and learning paths according to their gaps and interests across different topics and complete the learnings at their own pace. We have also created a community of learners (via a private Slack channel) where learners can share their inputs with each other while engaging in healthy competition to see who learns the most!

Stay tuned for more updates #ThisIsKitopi

*a learner who has clocked up more than 1 hour of learning since signing on to the platform


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