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Restaurant Guide: A Little Taste of Japan(g)

The juiciest Japanese Fried Chicken has landed in Dubai! From a simple delivery service to a solid brick-and-mortar location, Japang is gearing up to become the Dubai residents’ favorite fried chicken restaurant.

This outlet offers a chilled out experience right near the beachside. We think it’s perfectly acceptable to spend the entire day soaking in the sun on Kite Beach and head over to Japang at lunch time, or let it double as the hangout spot for the upcoming Dubai winters.

Walking along the shore, you hear the clinking of glasses and cutlery, the smell of fried chicken and milkshakes, and you come across this little container.

The bright red and green colors are hard to miss, as well as the sound of conversations and laughter is just the relaxation you never knew you needed. The smell of the uniquely flavored Karaage style chicken wafts by as you take a seat on their brightly colored benches. You know at that moment you can expect some exciting new flavors, potentially ones you have not tried before. Would you go down the salty and tangy route, or the spicy and sweet one? Either way, Japang offers flavors for all kinds of taste buds. They provide reasonably priced meals, good-sized portions and great service, and at that point what more could you ask for after a morning at the beach? If you’re ever confused, the wonderful staff is happy to jump in and give their recommendations based on your preferences.

The first of its kind, homegrown in Dubai, Japang has already established itself as the go-to for unique flavorings. They are primarily famous for their Beast Box. Filled to the brim with 6 pieces of Japanese fried chicken, ultra crispy on the outside and insanely juicy on the inside and some flavorful fries and coleslaw on the side. The coleslaw can be deemed as an odd pairing sometimes, but it perfectly balances the savory flavor of the chicken. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a smaller meal, the Tonkatsu meal would be perfect for you. Life’s always good with some Tonkatsu treats, and though it’s often served as its own standalone treat, Japang creates a twist with their Tonkatsu wraps. Bringing in the perfect amount of sweet and tangy as you’d like it. The crunch of the chicken, the sweetness of the Tonkatsu sauce, paired with the crispy fries works wonders for your taste buds. Something that does not get as much of a spotlight as it deserves are their creamy milkshakes. While I’m not a fan of strawberry milkshakes, Japang’s strawberry milkshake reigned it in with the creamy and flavorful experience delivering a taste you wouldn’t have experienced before.

Japang believes that you should never settle - always eat what you want, and when you want to. I believe in this sentiment wholeheartedly. They care about good food and people who love good food, and this new outlet gives them the opportunity to give you the full dine-in experience. Japang brings forward some wonderful hospitality, hip servers, and the juicy fried chicken, that will have you coming back to feed the beast.


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