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Restaurant Guide: Redefining Fatayer with Shobak

Located in the Global Village Boulevard, Shobak’s pop-up is the first of its kind outside of the KSA. Shobak, a home-grown restaurant gem founded in 2012 in KSA, rose to fame with their one-of-a-kind Fatayers, in the region. They take the traditional sense of a meat or chicken Fatayer and introduce it in unique ways and flavors, which consists of wraps, tacos and flatbread which are all creations made with freshly made fatayer dough, and infused with Mediterranean and traditional Arabic flavors all blended together.

Walking along the boulevard of restaurants, you are met with an explosion of bright orange and white lights embodying Shobak’s colors. As you enter, you can either sit next to an open kitchen, where you can see your food being made right in front of you, or in their outer seating, which allows you to revel in the beauty of Global Village and enjoy their fountain shows as you enjoy your meal.

The creators of Shobak wanted to create a place where the sense of home was adopted by their customers and their team. Each day is spent revolutionizing Fatayers, in order to ensure their customers are well taken care of with a variety of warm and comforting home-grown food. Their offerings range from appetizers to chicken, beef, and veggie options, and even a variety of sweet desserts.

Perhaps best known is their signature Fatayer and a best-seller, the Roasted Chicken. Packed with tender chicken, cheese and vegetables, the flavors explode in your mouth, combined with a hint of sweet onion sauce that brings all the flavors together. Another showstopper is the Beef Fatayer - a classic Arabic flatbread topped with a lamb and meat mixture, and more, and it is the softest Fatayer you will ever bite into.

While their tender pies are unique to Shobak, their desserts offer any customer the perfect ending to a meal. We’d tried (and loved!) the Pecan Pie, made of beautiful pecans, baked in a dark caramelized sauce on a bed of vanilla dough.

Shobak strives to always evolve their offerings for their customers, while maintaining its status of being the ultimate comfort food. Only in the UAE for a limited time - we urge you to visit this pop-up, as it will certainly have you coming back for more!


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