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What MENA Ate in 2020

The food trend in 2020 was like no other - some people say it is clearly divided into ‘before and after the pandemic’.

While there is no doubt that the pandemic changed our routine during 2020 due to country lockdowns, government restrictions and curfews, it’s a no-brainer that we all faced a rollercoaster of emotions, which largely affected how and what we ate.

If we look back to 2019 (yes, it feels like a lifetime ago), the typical food people preferred were healthy foods such as avocado toast, acai bowls, salads and, vegan meats.

While culinary experts tend to predict what foods will be trending each year, no one could have predicted what 2020 would uphold. Before, you could always count on foodies trying out new restaurants or reviewing trending dishes. But last year, as the F&B industry slowed down, most people decided to stay safe, stay indoors and stick to their favorite comfort foods which gave them sustenance and peace of mind instead.

So we looked back to see the monthly eating habits of the region in 2020, specifically what people in KSA, Kuwait, and the UAE ordered with us - and might we just add, you have impeccable taste ;)

Food Ordering Habits at the Start of the Year?

We started off strong, you know- new year, new me type of meals such as salads and grilled meat; don’t worry, we all thought we’d stick to it too. Don’t blame yourself, blame COVID. Some popular items were: Salads like tabbouleh and Caesar Salads and grilled chicken.

Popular #TeamQuarantine Foods?

Here we go...carbs, burgers, and pizza. We all felt like we had a free pass during quarantine, and let us reassure you, YOU DID. If these meals brought you happiness during this period, then that’s all that matters.

The most dishes ordered were pasta (our favorite carb too!), pizzas, and burgers (with a side of extra fries, please!)

Post-Lockdown Eating Habits?

While some countries eased regulations, we saw an increase in breakfast and lunch orders as some people returned to the office. We also saw an increase in orders for groceries as hidden chefs (banana bread queens) came to life, post quarantine, and decided to continue cooking their meals instead of ordering in. However, the best trend to come out of the lockdown was people ordering food by a new lifestyle they had chosen i.e. vegan, keto, and gluten-free (no matter your preference, we love you all just the way you are).

What Foods Did We Eat to Celebrate the End of the Year?

Holiday calories don’t count, right? Right!

Lots of desserts, turkey, and mashed potatoes - sounds like the perfect meal and the majority of you agreed.

Orders show that people have eaten the same thing throughout the holiday seasons in the past and will continue to in the future.

Not even COVID can ruin our holiday meals <3

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