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A Day in the Life: BI & Analytics Director

Working as a BI & Analytics Director at Kitopi, I look after many aspects of the business. These include building data strategies, product and business analytics, end-to-end data engineering and data governance, enabling me to lead many avenues and to truly take ownership of what is on my plate (pun intended).

Waseem Akram - BI & Analytics Director
Waseem Akram - BI & Analytics Director - Kitopi

On a day to day basis, I work on data strategies that include data engineering and analytics, which means not only building sustainable data platforms with modern architecture, but also driving the analytics from the data hosted on these platforms. Additionally, I work on training and driving the business teams to work on their self-BI, while having our data team focus solely on analytics - soon, the central BI concept will be a legacy which we will leave behind. Moreover, driving information management at Kitopi which covers data governance, data quality, master data management, metadata management, and many more. As a BI & Analytics Director, I find it important to scale up the data team in order to support the business expansion. This means bringing in individuals that are tech savvy and bring in a great work culture that strongly believes in Kitopi’s values and success.

Kitopi is a place where you can find that hunger for growth, it always keeps you on your toes and encourages you to stay innovative.

While working at Kitopi, you come to realise that our core values are at the basis of what Kitopians practice everyday. One of the values that I know is essential to any business, and that I have struggled to practice in the past is “We listen and learn”. This core value is one of the many things that makes me love Kitopi - everyday, we learn from each other and places you wouldn’t think possible but what we’ve come to find out is that it is, we just need to keep an open mind and listen. These values that I have learnt and developed have not only helped me professionally, but personally too.


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