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A Day In The Life: Talent Acquisition Associate

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘A Day In The Life’, where we take a close look into what a typical workday can look like for Kitopians, what they love about their roles, and what advice they can share for aspiring Kitopians.

Get to know Kimberly D’Souza, Talent Acquisition Associate from our Global Team, as she takes us through her work practices and what makes her journey at Kitopi every bit interesting.

As a Talent Acquisition Associate at Kitopi, I specifically enjoy being the matchmaker who links a great candidate to a great role.

In no particular order, here are two certainties of my weekday mornings: an overflowing inbox and my usual cup of coffee. To get started, I review my personal notes from the previous day before responding to emails. I would also spend time with hiring managers to understand the nature of each role, to ensure there is a unified understanding of what Kitopi is looking for in potential employees.

With a clearer perspective and knowledge on any new changes to the requirements of the roles I will be taking up each day, a divide and conquer approach is best for me. Efficiently working my way through profile screenings before moving on to interviews. I have learned to swiftly switch between roles during the day to make speaking to people with diverse professional backgrounds interesting.

The aspect of my work I appreciate most has got to be the ability to brighten an applicant's day. I marvel at how people often react to a recruiter's call with so much glee. Over time and with each unique experience, cultivating happiness and championing positivity is something you will grow to cherish.

Kitopi has some of the most interesting people, and it’s incredible to work in a collaborative environment with people who leverage momentum and grow with each plan and project. I can't think of a day in the office when I have failed to make a new friend, explore what they do, and was blown away by how everyone’s role is linked to a greater cause.

Overall, I believe that the best way to approach recruiting is a proactive mindset and a humble attitude that will open opportunities for learning and growth. With that in mind, I look forward to continuing to match even more talents to great roles at Kitopi, and play my role in accelerating Kitopi’s mission to satisfy the world’s appetite.


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