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A Day in the Life: Assistant Manager - Customer Success

Each day, I set myself objectives for success, and the one I live by the most is delivering an excellent customer experience.

It’s always easier said than done. My day-to-day responsibilities develop as I monitor our sales performance across the country. Every morning I sit down with my Customer Success team and conduct a proper analysis of the visibility, conversion, and retention tactics for our customers. This analysis is the main element when taking necessary action in-line with the market’s overarching objectives; i.e. sales targets, market optimization, or average order values.

Huda Al-Hawaj, Assistant Manager - Customer Success

My first half of the day consists of tackling urgent and relevant issues by connecting with the aggregators, operations teams, as well as, the CI and CX teams. After I ensure the big problems of the day have been addressed thoroughly, I begin the second half of my day which consists of looking at the customer experience as a whole.

When it comes to optimizing our customer experience, it is important to note that strategizing is a priority. I set up meetings with the local and global teams to brainstorm key action plans to help improve our customer experience across the GCC and increase Kitopi’s brand equity.

My success criteria depend on 3 key points:

  • The Rewarding Nature of Customer Success

While customer success is no trivial task, it is extremely rewarding when I am able to take away learnings from my day’s work. It allows me to think outside the box and work with dynamic, hard-working people to achieve our set objectives. The relentless drive and inspiration I have around me give me the push I need to thrive in such a fast-paced environment.

  • Monitoring and Taking Action

The CS team connects with other relevant teams to take action based on customer behavior.

I work with the CS team to analyze the data thoroughly and solve any issues at their root cause. We are able to pinpoint the exact reasons something may be going awry and make informed decisions based on said issue.

  • Growth Strategies Implemented

We do a deep dive into important metrics such as Return on Investment (ROI), conversion data, Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), and retention data. This allows me to expand my knowledge within the scope of my department and understand the competitive landscape that we are in.

Ultimately, being a Kitopian has helped me grow to be more confident in my abilities to deliver the best results and never settle on the bare minimum. Being an Assistant Manager in the CS team lets me push boundaries and explore a more customer-oriented world. This has also taught me key leadership skills, and how to manage important relationships with different stakeholders.


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