A Day in the Life: Customer Experience Manager

By Maha Safa, Customer Experience Manager

I’m simply amazed by how much I have grown in the short amount of time I’ve worked with Kitopi. From the people to the culture it’s just the icing on a cake! I’m so glad to have been given an opportunity to learn so much and be empowered to run the Customer Experience Center.

As a Customer Experience Manager, I tend to work closely with everyone in Kitopi including our clients to continuously understand, define and employ a variety of best practice surveys to improve Customer Experiences. It all begins with understanding customers and their specific needs. Getting to know a customer’s journey is all about nurturing the customer experience. By getting into customers’ mindset we get a better understanding of their journey. This starts by working closely with all departments to set a clear vision and ensure complete transparency to our clients. What I love most about my job is the day-to-day exciting challenges and the ownership of getting any problem resolved. I also get to build a close relationship with our clients. Our main value is to help each other grow and I’m so grateful to be part of the most amazing family, my second home, Kitopi.