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A Day in the Life: Dispatcher

By Fanny Vuyufambom, Dispatcher | UAE

As a Dispatcher, I work hard to ensure that the preparation time for chefs, monitoring the food preparation and ensuring order specifications and modifications are met to satisfy the customer. While also managing packing time for dispatching to help attain our customer’s expectations. Finally, I ensure the temperature, quality and quantity of the food is up to the standards that Kitopi upholds.

Kitopian Dispatcher - Fanny Vuyufambom
Kitopian Dispatcher - Fanny Vuyufambom

Working at Kitopi has really inspired a lot of confidence in me. I’ve become very objective and mentally independent. It’s pushed me to invest more in myself and in return, become more productive.

I’ve grown so much at Kitopi, and that is thanks to having managers who are interested in my personal growth and wellbeing. They challenge me by making sure I’m given new tasks from time to time, ensuring we learn all parts of the kitchen functions, and that definitely makes the work fun and more engaging. We get to experience the roles of a manager, chef, and dispatcher.

Cooking food is my passion, specifically Spaghetti Bolognese, so if you’ve ordered that from one of our kitchens, just know it’s made with love!


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