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We just wrapped up KITCON 2021!

Our annual internal strategy event, KITCON brings Kitopi’s leaders across the organization together in one place. This year, over 200 company leaders across 5 markets- Bahrain, Kuwait, KSA, UAE and Poland- attended the two-day event to share learnings, reinforce our purpose as an organization, and strategize for the year ahead. The event brought each participant to one selected venue in each country, with all participants virtually connected in one place through the event platform Hopin.

Across the two-day event, participants engaged in workshops, team-based challenges, and ‘fireside chats’ with invited guests- all aligned with the theme ‘Leading with Focus’, with the objective of better aligning ourselves to our five business priorities. The two-day event culminated in a final Disruptive Innovation Competition, where participants developed an innovative and disruptive idea in one of 21 assigned teams, with six finalists having the opportunity to pitch the idea to our investors.

KITCON 2021 ended on a fruitful and meaningful note both for Kitopi as an organization and for participants on an individual level- where we left with learnings shared, ideas brainstormed, challenged and refined, and most importantly, a renewed focus on what matters most.


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