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Kitopi announces new VP of Supply Chain

Kitopi, the world’s leading managed cloud kitchen platform, is excited to announce that Dan Hunt has joined the organization as VP of Supply Chain.

As VP of Supply Chain, Dan Hunt will bring invaluable experience to Kitopi as the company continues to expand its operations across the region and beyond, partnering with more restaurant partners, to help match the increasing demand of on-demand delivery, globally.

Dan Hunt - Kitopi VP of Supply Chain
Dan Hunt - Kitopi VP of Supply Chain

Before joining Kitopi, Dan was running the largest restaurant supply chain across MENA and has been actively developing supply chains and restaurant operations in the region since 2009.

Prior to this, Dan held leadership roles at the The Body Shop focusing on supply chain & commercial development, company market turnarounds and international franchise growth.

On why he wanted to join Kitopi, Dan said,

My experience in the region and the F&B industry has led me to Kitopi - it’s where innovation meets opportunity to conquer the evolving consumer food space. I can’t wait to further our mission of satisfying the world’s appetite!

Dan is an avid runner who enjoys spending his time cooking, has an active interest in diet and nutrition.

Welcome to the team, Dan Hunt!


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