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Kitopi’s Career Progression Program!

We recently announced the graduation of 7 of our team members who have completed the Operations Career Progression Program. This is a significant milestone in the professional development of these individuals who have worked tirelessly to elevate their skills and knowledge.

The Operations Career Progression Program is a comprehensive learning and development roadmap designed to help Kitopi team members advance in their careers. This program happens bi-annually and it opens up in batches for progression of any role in operations, depending on the market and store needs. The cohort runs over a course of 3 months, and is open to all employees in operations across Kitopi’s 5 markets.

The program allows team members to focus on their professional growth by answering three critical questions:

  • What is expected of me?

  • How should I develop?

  • What’s next for me?

The recent graduation of the 7 Kitopians, who completed the program, is a testament to the effectiveness of the program. With over 60 nominations in the initial stage, these 7 individuals made it past the evaluation stage and into certification for the Chef De Partie role. This graduation ceremony was an opportunity for Kitopi to recognize and celebrate the achievements of these team members and their contribution to the growth of the business.

Team members can work towards achieving their developmental goals, acquire new skills and knowledge, and broaden their experience, which will be beneficial for their future careers. The program not only benefits the team members but also contributes to the growth of the business by ensuring that the team is equipped to take on more significant roles within the organization.


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