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Kitopi UAE Announces New Work Week

Following the UAE government’s announcement of the new work week for government employees next year, Kitopi is pleased to announce that Kitopi UAE will observe a revised work week from the beginning of 2022.

Effective 1 January 2022, Kitopi UAE will be observing a 5-day work week from Mondays to Fridays, with Saturdays and Sundays as the official weekend.

In addition to the changes above, Kitopi has formalized its work processes both within the UAE and across markets to honor the Friday prayer time and to be inclusive of all colleagues. Among the changes are the observance of a no-formal-meeting period during prayer time and a two-hour prayer break for Muslim colleagues, with colleagues encouraged to work remotely on Fridays if their job nature allows. Kitopi will continue to practise its Work from Anywhere policy, an announcement made in July 2020, in its effort to safeguard the well-being of colleagues.

‘We applaud the UAE government’s leadership in moving the work week to better align with that of the global market. This is not only beneficial in enhancing the country’s economic competitiveness, but improving the work-life balance and well-being of the people’, said Mohamad Ballout, CEO of Kitopi. ‘As a company, we welcome this change and look forward to moving to the new work schedule. Beyond enabling us to better align with both the UAE and international markets, we are confident that this shift will bring about various benefits at an individual level. With many of our colleagues having school-going children and family members abroad, this move is set to promote more family time, healthier work-life balance, and ultimately, enhanced well-being’.


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