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We are excited to announce the latest additions to Kitopi’s global leadership team - Alexandra Dutescu, and Sabine El Najjar. Alexandra Dutescu, has joined Kitopi as Global People Integration/Innovation Director. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Alex has spent the past 10 years in Japan. During her career, she has covered roles in consulting on creativity and innovation, as well as change management across multiple industries.

When asked what made her choose Kitopi, Alex says “She is absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to Kitopi’s future and growth, and to have the chance of

working with such an amazing, diverse and dynamic team."

The opportunities in this area are tremendous! Cloud kitchens are transforming the future of the food industry, even more so now when the world is trying to overcome the impact of the pandemic. It is fascinating to see such a fast-paced transformation in the traditional F&B infrastructure, and cloud kitchens are providing restaurant owners the opportunity to grow exponentially.

We’d also like to welcome Sabine El Najjar, as Director of Strategy at Kitopi. Growing up in Togo, West Africa, Sabine had aspirations of becoming a lawyer, but once she stumbled into the world of consulting, she was hooked.

Sabine has 10 years of experience in strategy and transformation and has always been interested in the cloud kitchen space and followed Kitopi closely since its inception. Impressed by the innovation of the business model, she said,

Even though cloud kitchens are still gaining recognition globally, I believe Kitopi will be at the forefront, a market leader and shaper. Kitopi is a company for the future.


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