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Kitopi appoints two new members to its global leadership team

We are proud to announce the latest additions to Kitopi’s leadership team - Mike Borsdorf as VP of Culinary and Hashim Larry as Managing Director in KSA.

Mike Borsdorf, former Executive Chef at Emirates Flight Catering and a certified Master Chef, has recently joined the Kitopi family. Being born and raised in Germany, he started his career as a chef there with an apprenticeship. With extensive work experience from London, Sydney ,Moscow, Kiev and Dubai, Mike brings a lot to the kitchen table.

Unsurprisingly, Mike admits he does enjoy taking work home with him, he mentions ‘funnily enough, I do still enjoy cooking at home’.

When asked what made him choose Kitopi, Mike claims that he was ‘fascinated by the concept and opportunities it presented for the future, as well as the chance to work with a young and dynamic team.’

The potential growth rates in this realm are limitless. The F&B industry requires a renewed vision, and perhaps it is time for an overall change in its infrastructure. Being that cloud kitchens are delivery-only kitchens, one does not need to spend heavily on infrastructure cost. Instead, we can shift our focus to food quality and faster delivery to our customers.

We would also like to welcome Hashim Larry to the Kitopi family. Born and raised in Jeddah, Hashim returned to Saudi to work after attaining his bachelor degree from the American University in Cairo and his MBA from Esade Business School in Spain. Prior to joining Kitopi, he worked for Careem KSA for five years, where he garnered the experience of launching cities and leading operations, main products and the entirety of the business in KSA. Having deep roots in the Arab world, it does not come as a surprise that when asked what he has a special interest in, he answered ‘I am passionate about Arabic Calligraphy.’

When asked why he decided to join Kitopi, Hashim said:

I know that this is the next big thing that will shake up the food economy in a grand way. Kitopi’s model will give restaurant owners access to larger areas at minimum investment. It will introduce customers to larger varieties of food from across the globe, without sacrificing the quality and speed of the delivery.

Hashim also believes that the future of cloud kitchen is going to enable restaurant owners to grow at an exponential rate.

Imagine a restaurant owner based in South America, for example, expanding into Saudi, without having to take any operational headache nor to invest in CAPEX. In other words, imagine a person living in Riyadh having the best ceviche from Peru, in less than 30 minutes.


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