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Quality without Compromise: Revisiting the Basics

At Kitopi, everything we do revolves around one objective- quality, with zero compromise.

Kitopi Bahrain
Kitopi Bahrain

To do that, we are relentless in ensuring best-in-class infrastructure and processes in everything we do- from having the best supply chain to employing the most advanced kitchen technology, to providing our employees with the best training and development programs.

Yet, we recognize that sometimes it is the most fundamental processes that matter most- such as how our food handlers wash their hands every day.

To this end, in conjunction with Global Handwashing Day on October 15, our team in Bahrain led the way in developing a re-training program for our kitchen employees- with the aim of raising awareness and re-educating our employees about handwashing, and ensuring hygienic handwashing procedures are observed in our kitchens at all time without fail.

As quality continues to take center stage at Kitopi, this is just the beginning, and will remain a continuous commitment we live up to every day.


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