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Restaurant Guide: The Food of Champions with Circle Café

Set in the confines of Bay Square, Circle Café brings out a sense of peace and comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city life. From the hospitality to the unlimited menu options, there is more than enough to satisfy your appetite.

Circle Café offers the best of both worlds, an outdoor patio for those beautiful Dubai winters, and a spacious, indoor seating area doubling as a hangout and work-from-anywhere spot.

Walking into the café, you are hit with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and pastries, and the sound of jazz accompanies you as the attendant greets you to a seat of your choosing. A coffee bar in the corner of the café is available, with the friendliest barista, who can give you the caffeine hit you desire. Like some action? The bar stools even give you direct access to peek into the open kitchen and see what the chefs are up to. If you’re overwhelmed with the choices of food available, you can ask any of the staff members and they will provide you with detailed information on their menu items. Whether it’s based on what you are craving or, even simply, some good recommendations. From kind hospitality to knowledgeable staff, Circle Café establishes its homegrown values in their people and their food.

While Circle Café is primarily known for its giant salads and big breakfast, their menu extends beyond meaty burgers and vegan pasta. While the menu constantly evolves, Circle Café’s showstopper remains the Truffle Sweet Potato Cakes. The flavor is just as intriguing as the name. Lying on a bed of mashed avocado, these sweet potato cakes are baked to perfection, letting your teeth sink into the soft interior. Topped with your choice of eggs, each bite melts into your mouth.

When you think of a bistro filled with delicious food and a charming atmosphere, Circle Café would come to mind. You can enjoy the rustic setting and welcoming service with their variety of offers as well. The atmosphere is infectious and coupled with the wonderful hospitality, it will have you coming back for more.


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