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Restaurant Guide: Zaroob Has Something For Everyone

A meal at Zaroob is an adventure and a treat to all of your five senses. From the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen to the ambiance and décor, you're transported to an interesting food festival.

Zaroob’s menu is extensive, offering a wide range of Mediterranean cuisines, with starters like halloumi as well as refreshing salads, and desserts for your sweet tooth. What is equally appealing is the labeling on the menu. It has a cool theme influenced by the food-street-fare atmosphere. Dishes are grouped into categories including a breakfast booth, fateer stand, manakeesh alley, salad stop, mezza market; and so many more options ensuring everyone finds something suitable for their taste preferences!

When it comes to showstoppers on its menu, Zaroob’s famous one meter shawarma takes the spotlight. It is the biggest ever in Dubai’s dining scene and customers can choose chicken-made, beef-made or half and half combinations. The shawarma is served on wooden boards, with fries and extra dips in bowls, in portions that are designed to encourage sharing. Whatever you choose to order at Zaroob, you will appreciate the generous portions and creatively plated servings.

A quick walk into Zaroob eateries reveal a modern rustic setting. This consistent theme blends different elements such as colorful graffiti and very traditional hangings on natural finishes to create a beautiful ambience. With such an unconventional setting, Zaroob pulls off an open kitchen at their Sheikh Zayed Road outlet with much ease offering live cooking action where customers can observe the art that goes into preparing tasty meals.

When you get together with friends and family to have a meal at the dine-in venues, the Zaroob seating arrangement can make your social occasion enjoyable. This kind of seating is available both inside and outside the restaurant and is laid out in such a way that you can order the food you want easily, along with efficient service, at any hour of the day.


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