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Unsung Heroes of the Delivery Ecosystem: Promoting the Well-being of Delivery Drivers

With online ordering increasingly becoming a norm, food delivery is set to become a permanent fixture of the F&B industry, and so is the role of delivery drivers.

Often unsung heroes of the food delivery ecosystem, drivers do not only deliver food to complete a transaction, they are often a food brand’s only point of contact with customers.

From giving the greatest care to food en-route, to delivering orders on time, to being a friendly face to customers, delivery drivers play an indispensable role in helping food brands deliver their promise to customers.

Yet, they also face a unique set of challenges in their daily jobs- from dealing with unanticipated traffic conditions to navigating unfamiliar destinations and beyond.

At Kitopi, we recognize the huge role delivery drivers play in our mission to satisfy the world’s appetite, and we take utmost care to promote the well-being of drivers.

Beyond ensuring the best infrastructure is in place in our kitchens, with comfortable waiting areas and constant supply of drinking water in place, we educate our staff on driver well-being. We recently completed a Compassionate Management Training for our Fleet Supervisors- the direct point of contact for drivers across our kitchens. The goal: ensure that delivery drivers are consistently treated with empathy, respect and care, and that their experience with Kitopi remains positive at all times.

On the back of a successful training roll-out, is a continuous effort to promote well-being across the organization. Above all, compassion now takes center stage at Kitopi, as we strive to not only be the best place to work for our employees, but to be the best partner for our stakeholders and for the community we operate in. And we’re never looking back.


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